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Hey Ron
Since I spent half of my life growing up in Crumpler WV and have
pictures of Crumpler from 1905 to the day they tore it down. One of the pictures
interestingly enough was titled first car in Crumpler and was dated 1927.
I have a bunch of arial veiws of Crumpler from the 30's to the 70's
and it is very evident to see the evolution of the growth of cars and pickups in
that time span ie; the pictures from the 30's show only an occaisnal garage
here and there to almost every company house having a garage in the 70's photos
also Ron these garages were almost always built as single car garage detached
from the home and most all had the same look to them as the company houses.
At McComas the Garages were built across the road from the company houses and
were built as 6 and 8 car garages but one stall of each garage assigned to a
specific company house.
Hope this helps you.
Russell Tilley
RussellTil at

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