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Sat Feb 17 10:30:50 EST 2007

If you have a model railroad club or shop nearby or some place where
railfans gather, I have a request. A great way to increase awareness of our
upcoming Friends of Virginian Railway at Milepost 2007 event would be to place a
poster or some flyers there for all to see and/or have.

Please contact me off list and I can send you a small, one page word doc
file of the flyer. Please print it out and post it at your local shop or
distribute to your NRHS chapter members or rail friends.

This way we can reach so many more who may want to attend our April 13-15
gathering on the Norfolk Division of the Virginian. You will see pictures you
have never seen before. You will hear stories and descriptions you have never
heard before. You will visit places along the old Virginian you have never
visited before. And you will see friends you have known before!

Aubrey Wiley
_VgnRy43 at aol.com_ (mailto:VgnRy43 at

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