N&W Pass Red.

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I agree with you about the Scalecoat II Tuscan red. I think it is
the best N&W color match right out of the bottle. I used it to paint
my S-1 sleeper. The original Scalecoat was not bad either. I painted
a Pennsy car with it, and it looked too warm and rich to be Pennsy.

What do you use for roof color?

Rick Morrison

> I had sent Scalecoat a AHM/Riv. N&W passenger car to make a quart

> of the N&W red. The paint come back from Scalecoat labled

> Scalecoat II PRR tuscan red .

>Stephen Rineair




>Stephen Rineair

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>Okay, but say I/m 28 years old and only saw excursion Tuscan red

>passenger cars. I have a few color photos and have seen a few color

>movies. I am a grad student and have limited resources to obtain

>more color photographs. Yet I want to model the old N&W Powhatan

>Arrow and wish to paint the passenger cars in an appropriate color

>that is at least close to 'correct'. Telling me that there was

>significant variation in red may be factually correct, but doesn't

>answer the basic question which is , "How do I make a reasonably

>accurate Tuscan Red paint from model paint sources?"


>What do you modelers use to make your Tuscan Red?


>Gary Rolih





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>The correct color discussion has gone on and will go on for years. I

>have heard that at a Convention years ago, there were numerous color

>chips available and you were lucky to get more than 2 people to

>agree to any one color. In this case, as with any paint, you have to

>consider weathering, paint lot number, paint manufacturer, time of

>day photo was taken and lighting at time. You also have to consider

>type amd maker of the film used and the development process. I know

>one local modeler who painted a N&W passenger car under one type of

>light and when viewed outside in sunlight and under another light

>source, it took on a different appearence under each. Color is

>subjective. It is up to the individual and if he likes what he has,

>who cares. Even in photos of the real trains, there are subtle

>differences between cars. I don't know how true it is, but it has

>been said that aluminum chips were added to the paint prior to being

>used and it depended on what was used to add these chips. Some

>grabbed a handful, others two or a scoop. What ever was handy. Again

>don't know if this is true but I'm sure someone out there can clear

>that up. What ever was added if it was, would also alter the color

>osmewhat depending on how much was added. This last part is

>something I would welcome comment on just to get the recoed straight.

>Alan Cox





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