"Pocahontas" consist ?

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A postcard view shows a GP-9 powered "Pocahontas" at a station stop.
Unfortunately for me only the front end of the train is shown, not the consist.
Would some kind modeler clue me in regarding a typical "Pocahontas" consist
during that time period ?

I have kit bashed a Norfolk and Weatern GP-9 from a shell and dynamic brake
blisters won on ebay added to the frame and motors of a Williams Norfolk
Southern GP-9 (I model BEFORE the Norfolk Southern was born) to come up with a good
approximation of the motive power and would like to add the correct consist
behind it.

Thanks in advance for your kind response.

P S Anyone need a fully trimmed Norfolk Southern GP-9 shell ?

Neil K. Yerger (Mr. Kit Basher)

audreyly at aol.com
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