PCM Y6b fire sale

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I paid $340 plus shipping on ebay for a new one with sound last month.
I have been watching for another for under $350, without sound.
I will install a Soundtraxx Tsunami, rather than buy another one with sound.
This is the best running steamer I have seen yet.
It runs better than my Proto 2000's and much better than my BLI A's.
And both of those run well enough already (particularly the P2K's)... so that's quite a compliment.

Another thing that I don't think has been mentioned is the level of detail on the Y6b, as compared to the BLI A. I was never dissatisfied with the A, until I put the Y6b alongside it. The Y6b is pretty impressive. All the detail stands out cleanly, where the A looks like old-fashioned molds from the 70's. Or old Lionel engines.

BTW, Will, you should have pulled the trigger at $419. You know what they say about those who hesitate. Well, I don't know what they say, but I'm sure it is something along the lines of "You'll be sorry later". :-)

Mike Rector

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I was very close to getting one of the $419 refurbed ones until they went up on the cost. I want to say $479ish now. I sent an email asking why they went up on the refurbished engines, but never heard back.

On another note, I did get some new BLI info saying that they are going to rerun the A's next year, adding 123* and 1240 to the list.


nw-modeling-list at nwhs.org wrote:
Seems like PCM is getting rid of the Y6b's at cost way below list.
Got an email from Micro-Mark advertising them at $499/with sound ($200 below
PCM's Web site has offered "refurbished" ones at $359/no sound (40% off
list) and now $419 (30% off list). Sound ones were discounted by similar
percentages. The one I bought from their Web site appeared brand new;
I didn't get another soundless one before the price rose. Anybody else seen
'em cheap elsewhere?

This might explain why they emailed me saying they had no plans to do a

Andre Jackson and/or Lisa Burrows
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