PCM Y6b fire sale

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That is cheap. I wonder how many units were sold. Those prices are lower than what I paid, and I paid substantially below list. Anyone who has seen these engines will fall in love with them.

A.J. Gemperline

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> Seems like PCM is getting rid of the Y6b's at cost way below list.

> Got an email from Micro-Mark advertising them at $499/with sound ($200 below

> list).

> PCM's Web site has offered "refurbished" ones at $359/no sound (40% off

> list) and now $419 (30% off list). Sound ones were discounted by similar

> percentages. The one I bought from their Web site appeared brand new; sorry

> I didn't get another soundless one before the price rose. Anybody else seen

> 'em cheap elsewhere?


> This might explain why they emailed me saying they had no plans to do a

> Y6/Y6a.


> Andre Jackson and/or Lisa Burrows

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