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Don't know the difference between the three floorplans, but this looks
like it is the best bet we have to get close to the cars that ran on the
N&W at least into the 1950's. The four mentioned had "County" added to
their names by then. The Norfolk County was similar, but had a
vestibule on each end, whereas the others had a solarium blind end
(lounge end). Jim Nichols

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> NKP Car Company is going to produce a model of a Pullman 10

> Section/Lounge Plan 3521 C & G passenger car based on Branchline

> pullman core, with NKP Car Co. brass sides. According to Ralph

> Barger's book, A Century of Pullman Cars, Volume 1, the N&W had at

> least four of the Plan 3521A, 10 Section/Lounge cars: Appomattox,

> Bottetourt, Dinwiddie, and Nansemond. I can't, however, find any Plan

> 3521C or Plan 3521G cars that might have belonged to the N&W or been

> used (leased) by the N&W, but belonged to Pullman Standard. Does

> anyone have that information? I will purchase the kit if I can find

> which N&W cars it models. NKP Car Company's previous models have been

> exceptional, and this is the first I have seen a company use the

> excellent Branchline car for their core.


> Thanks.


> Cheers,

> Kert Peterson

> Fircrest, WA


> Modeling the Norfolk and Western Ry in 1951,

> when Precision Transportation was still steam powered!





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