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I've done a lot a research here on this group of 10Sec/Lng cars as operated
by the N&W since I have converted a couple of The Coach Yard brass cars into
one of each of these two distinct groups. It wasn't easy
for some educated 'guesses' had to be made due to my location & lack of
ready data, but these were proved correct particularly with info that has
come to light from the Newberry Library collection, "The Pullman Project" as
maintained by Tom Madden, and of course the articles which have appeared in
our own N&WHS publication "The Arrow" mainly contributed by the Rev. Jim

1/ Appomattox (*), Bottetourt (*), Dinwiddie (+), and Nansemond (+) are
nominated as plan 3521F lot numbers 4923 (*) & 4998 (+) and appear to have
arrived on the N&W around 1934 in joint
PRR/N&W service. Their main claim to fame is that they only have x1
vestibule on one end of the car, whereas the other end has been converted
into essentially a solarium (glassed in obs) with fixed
glass windows on either side of the diaphragm and the fitting of new
collision posts etc. There was also a change made to the seating with the
installation of 2 settees which increased the capacity to 14
seats. This is best illustrated in Kratvilles "Passenger Car Catalog"
p75 where the Dinwiddie County is pictured. Some of the cars which were
converted are the Monte Blanco & Mt Slyen plan 3521A lot
no 4923, so this is possibly where an error has crept into Ralph
Barger's description of plan numbers (ie retention of original plan
numbers). Aircon appears to have been fitted during early 1937.
Appomattox & Bottetourt employed the 242A style of 6 wheeled trucks
whilst the others employed the 2410A style.

2/ Norfolk County & Roanoke County are nominated as plan 3521G lot 4998 and
basically have x2 vestibules fitted with small fixed glass windows in the
endwall adjacent to the diaphragm. This is best
seen in the scanned plan of a 3521G in the Newberry Library Digital
collection and were converted to that configuration in early 1937. Similar
cars were also operated by the AT&SF. Essentially it would
appear that their rebuilding was simply to eliminate the open obs
platform (whilst keeping the old platform door) and adding a vestibule etc
for the seating configuration in the lounge remained unchanged at
12 seats. Likewise these were also fiited with aircon in early 1937.

It would appear that the primary difference between a 3521C and a 3521G is
largely internal in the seating arrangements within the lounge area ie the
use of x2 settees in the 3521C, so basically the NKP Car kit would only
build the Norfolk County & Roanoke County cars. The external aircon ducting
for these x2 cars is marginally easier to fabricate than the 3521F version
(at least in brass).

Then there are the series of 3521C "General" 10Sec/Lng cars which the
Southern used on #41 & 42 - Washington/New Orleans via Lynchburg-N&W-Bristol
and others, They also had 3521B "Mount" 10Sec/Lng cars too - but I digress
here somewhat but it does give us the opportunity to run thru passenger

On the surface it would appear that this would be a very exciting kit to
acquire even if it only does represent x2 cars on the N&W but again should
NKP Car Co do a car end suitable for a 3521F then with a little bit of
extra work this model would also be achievable should the proper side not be

Rgds/Clive Riley.

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NKP Car Company is going to produce a model of a Pullman 10 Section/Lounge
Plan 3521 C & G passenger car based on Branchline pullman core, with NKP Car
Co. brass sides. According to Ralph Barger's book, A Century of Pullman
Cars, Volume 1, the N&W had at least four of the Plan 3521A, 10
Section/Lounge cars: Appomattox, Bottetourt, Dinwiddie, and Nansemond. I
can't, however, find any Plan 3521C or Plan 3521G cars that might have
belonged to the N&W or been used (leased) by the N&W, but belonged to
Pullman Standard. Does anyone have that information? I will purchase the
kit if I can find which N&W cars it models. NKP Car Company's previous
models have been exceptional, and this is the first I have seen a company
use the excellent Branchline car for their core.


Kert Peterson
Fircrest, WA

Modeling the Norfolk and Western Ry in 1951,
when Precision Transportation was still steam powered!
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