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NKP Car Company is going to produce a model of a Pullman 10
Section/Lounge Plan 3521 C & G passenger car based on Branchline
pullman core, with NKP Car Co. brass sides. According to Ralph
Barger's book, A Century of Pullman Cars, Volume 1, the N&W had at
least four of the Plan 3521A, 10 Section/Lounge cars: Appomattox,
Bottetourt, Dinwiddie, and Nansemond. I can't, however, find any
Plan 3521C or Plan 3521G cars that might have belonged to the N&W or
been used (leased) by the N&W, but belonged to Pullman
Standard. Does anyone have that information? I will purchase the
kit if I can find which N&W cars it models. NKP Car Company's
previous models have been exceptional, and this is the first I have
seen a company use the excellent Branchline car for their core.


Kert Peterson
Fircrest, WA

Modeling the Norfolk and Western Ry in 1951,
when Precision Transportation was still steam powered!
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