PCM Y6b Latest Web site update and Pot Stirring Pt. II

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And then again, the Link Estate might have wanted an arm, leg, and first
born for the rights to use his material.

Jim Brewer

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> I'm familiar with only one Brad Miller recording of a

> Y6 - on Ghost Train there the usual A/Y6-Y6

> combination on Blue Ridge plus a local with a Y6. Any

> others??


> Best available recordings probably means they used the

> one album they could get their hands easily on rather

> than search out those obscure, unknown, and hard to

> get (!!??) OWL albums. Using the word quiet when

> referring to a Y6 working at any speed seems to be an

> unlikely choice. Between the roaring stack and very

> pronounced rod clank, they can easily be spotted by

> sound alone on a recording. I never saw/heard one

> running trackside but I've listened to a lot of

> recordings and they ain't quiet!!


> Dave Stephenson



> They said they used the best available

>> recordings, mentioning the

>> late Brad Miller's work, but not Link's recordings

>> (his sounds of the Y6 on

>> the Shenandoah line are among the best I've heard of

>> this beast BTW,

>> including sequences of them switching from compound

>> to simple.)


>> They also, more interestingly, note why the faster

>> the engine goes, the

>> quieter the LokSound gets. They say it's

>> prototypical -- a result of the

>> exhaust chuffs melding into a quieter blur at high

>> speeds.


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