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Sat Jul 22 08:53:30 EDT 2006

I'm familiar with only one Brad Miller recording of a
Y6 - on Ghost Train there the usual A/Y6-Y6
combination on Blue Ridge plus a local with a Y6. Any

Best available recordings probably means they used the
one album they could get their hands easily on rather
than search out those obscure, unknown, and hard to
get (!!??) OWL albums. Using the word quiet when
referring to a Y6 working at any speed seems to be an
unlikely choice. Between the roaring stack and very
pronounced rod clank, they can easily be spotted by
sound alone on a recording. I never saw/heard one
running trackside but I've listened to a lot of
recordings and they ain't quiet!!

Dave Stephenson

They said they used the best available

> recordings, mentioning the

> late Brad Miller's work, but not Link's recordings

> (his sounds of the Y6 on

> the Shenandoah line are among the best I've heard of

> this beast BTW,

> including sequences of them switching from compound

> to simple.)


> They also, more interestingly, note why the faster

> the engine goes, the

> quieter the LokSound gets. They say it's

> prototypical -- a result of the

> exhaust chuffs melding into a quieter blur at high

> speeds.

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