PCM Y6b Latest Web site update and Pot Stirring Pt. II

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Sat Jul 22 17:29:30 EDT 2006

The sound on Hooters on Blue Ridge is some of the very
best available. Forgot about that source.

I don't know all the exact details of this, but as far
as Link's recordings are concerned, I believe O.
Winston Link Railway Productions in Roanoke (Joan
Thomas) has the rights to those recordings, not the
estate. Link set up OWLRP years ago. Anyone with
better info, please correct or add.

Jim raises a good point. There are several sources
that exist for good recordings of N&W steam power.
Acessibility for use is another problem entirely.

I listened to the sound clips of the PC Y6b. The
variety amazes me, but the sound itself isn't that
impressive, particularly the exhaust. Maybe I'm
expecting too much from an HO model.

Dave Stephenson

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