PCM Y6b Latest Web site update and Pot Stirring Pt. II

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Fri Jul 21 21:35:57 EDT 2006

Seems the chatter over the PCM Y6b's sound has led them to update their Web
site at the following:

Most interestingly, they cite the difficulties of figuring out what an
engine sounded like that is not extant today (save for Y6a 2156) or under
steam. They said they used the best available recordings, mentioning the
late Brad Miller's work, but not Link's recordings (his sounds of the Y6 on
the Shenandoah line are among the best I've heard of this beast BTW,
including sequences of them switching from compound to simple.)

They also, more interestingly, note why the faster the engine goes, the
quieter the LokSound gets. They say it's prototypical -- a result of the
exhaust chuffs melding into a quieter blur at high speeds. From my steam cab
rides in the excursion era, I'd dispute that steam engines get quieter as
speed increases. On my beloved 1522, for example, the exhaust went from
sounding like a howitzer's blasts at low speed to the roar of a Boeing 757
at 70 mph, but I don't recall the volume decreasing as speed increased.
Ditto for 844 and 611.

I may fire off a gentle letter of rebuttal to PCM in an effort to steer them
in a more righteous direction on future releases.

Thoughts on their theses? Other ears may hear differently...

Andre Jackson and/or Lisa Burrows
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