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Mon May 22 23:03:07 EDT 2006

I had bought some rolling stock on ebay and included was a Varney
cardstock model of the
battleship gon. In the kit were two u shaped braces which fit the interior.
I asked the estimable Mr Mosteller if this was correct for the prototype
and he indicated
it was. Hope this helps a little.

John Zuro

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>My apologies to Global Outlet for misstating their name in my post about

>Society endorsements as "Global Crossing", a trans-ocean cable company I

>believe is now part of another such outfit.


>While I am at it, we (the Society) have been talking with two different

>vendors who have an interest in doing the VGN "Battleship" gondola. But we

>have been unable to come up with adequate information about the interior of

>the cars, either through drawings or photographs. Any help would be



>Bill McClure


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