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Mon May 22 23:08:50 EDT 2006

> While I am at it, we (the Society) have been talking with two different

> vendors who have an interest in doing the VGN "Battleship" gondola. But we

> have been unable to come up with adequate information about the interior

> of the cars, either through drawings or photographs. Any help would be

> appreciated...


> Bill McClure

I assume you are talking about HO or N models. I'm sure that you already
know that Rich Yoder is hard at work on an O Scale Virginian class G-3C 116
ton "battleship" gon (or is Rich one of the folks you are working with).

Even if society members are working in one of the eye-straining scales, they
might want to get one of Rich's cars for the mantle - knowing Rich Yoder
they will be beautiful.

Michael Ross
Fort Worth,Texas
Where the VGN Rwy is being built though the Appalachians in O Scale

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