Strasburg - N&WHS Convention

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Fri May 19 11:22:41 EDT 2006

Steve, sorry you won't be there. You'll be missed.
Yes, it's going to be expensive (unless you compare it
to the NMRA convention that same week). But:

Last year the COHS had its first offline convention,
in Cumberland Maryland. We got to ride the Potomac
Eagle, and had a great convention. Personally, I'd
like to go to Mullens or Roanoke every year, but,
let's face it: our prototype is going away. Most of
the places we go back to, there's less every time.
Strasburg is a great place, and we'll get to ride
behind a real N&W steam locomotive.

And there will still be a lot of things to do. The
clinics(even if it has been published, there's
more--for me--to learn), the tours. The commissary
(while my wife is someplace else). Old acquaintances;
new ones. Maybe get into an argument with Uncle Ed
about the comparative merits of the C&O H-8 and the
N&W A. Maybe get to meet Nigel.

Frank and Eva Bongiovanni

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> I have decided that I will not be going to the N&WHS

> Convention. I have cancelled my reservations due to

> the fact that:

> 1) it is not in N&W territory

> 2) the Boyce Station open house for me is out of

> the way to visit the site

> 3) the SD40-2 clinic is a repeat of the article in

> the Arrow

> 4) the Strasburg Museum shop/behind the scenes is

> not a N&W historical site

> 5) there is no formal organized wife tours or get

> together

> 6) picnic is not railroad related, or has to do

> with the N&WHS

> 7) it is scheduled on a national Holiday week

> where family and friends get together on rare

> occasions.


> The best thing about the Convention is the #475, but

> it does not take 5 days, high gas prices, over $600

> in hotel bills, plus convention fees, food, and etc.

> For my investment there is not enough N&W

> Historical attractions to make this a N&W economical

> value trip. I will see all of you back in N&W

> Territory.


> Stephen Rineair

> Subject: Strasburg - N&WHS Convention



> Who is going ?


> My wife and I are going to be there.


> Nigel

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