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Stephen - It's too bad you feel as you do. I can guarantee you that you will be missing a great time.

The Strasburg is a very professionally run organization that will make every attendee glad he is there. The Pennsylvania State Railroad Museum is across the street, with a lot of PRR steam power (and diesels) on display. A steam engine fan, or just a fan of railroads, can spend an entire day at the museum. I've done it, and I'm no SPF (Slobbering Pennsy Fan, to outsiders).

The location is one of the most scenic in the east with rolling country reminiscent of the territory around Lynchburg. It's a PRETTY, photogenic place.

Nothing for your wife to do? While you're doing the Strasburg/Museum activity, give her your Visa card and the keys to the car. There are so many Amish shops around there that she'll return with a car load of stuff and a great big smile on her face.

In addition, you'll be missing the opportunity to get together with other N&WHS'ers to discuss anything and everything N&W.

Now, I'm not going to be there myself. I was there twice last fall, without any N&WHS'ers around, which was too bad. But my only son is getting married in Las Vegas in August, and that's going to blow my travel budget for 2006 - or I'd be there. I wouldn't miss the opportunity to see the guys that I only get to see during these conventions. That in itself is a lot of fun, and doesn't depend on location.

Like I say, it's too bad.

Ed King

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I have decided that I will not be going to the N&WHS Convention. I have cancelled my reservations due to the fact that:
1) it is not in N&W territory
2) the Boyce Station open house for me is out of the way to visit the site
3) the SD40-2 clinic is a repeat of the article in the Arrow
4) the Strasburg Museum shop/behind the scenes is not a N&W historical site
5) there is no formal organized wife tours or get together
6) picnic is not railroad related, or has to do with the N&WHS
7) it is scheduled on a national Holiday week where family and friends get together on rare occasions.

The best thing about the Convention is the #475, but it does not take 5 days, high gas prices, over $600 in hotel bills, plus convention fees, food, and etc. For my investment there is not enough N&W
Historical attractions to make this a N&W economical value trip. I will see all of you back in N&W Territory.

Stephen Rineair
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