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Thu May 18 20:31:35 EDT 2006

Nigel, and anyone else who can help me. If I by-pass the decoder and run the
locomotives off straight DC, they run great. All three of them. I solder
into place the decoder, and it doesn't even act like its programming. I
can't believe I would have three bad decoders, and I had no trouble
whatsoever putting the same decoder into an old Mantua 4-6-2. I have
isolated the motor from the frame of the locomotive, have double-checked my
solder joints.... what am I overlooking? Obviously since they run
floawlessly on straight DC I don't think its a contact issue. I have four
drivers on each side picking up current. I am almost to the point where I am
going to find someone who will put the decoders in for me and test them.
Just as an FYI I have the Prodigy Advance system, and the Bachmann Spectrum
J, Spectrum K, two Spectrum 2-10-0's and the Mantua 4-6-2 ALL run so
flawlessly that this has me truly baffled.
ANYONE... help?

Bob Welsh

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