PCM Y6b's

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How does the tender wieght compare to the Class A!? With the traction tire
my Class A's pull like heck!!! My two Y6's are in at my dealer, I will get
them Sunday. I will let the list know how they run and pull. those who know
the N&W pokey Chicago Division know we can put any locomoitve to its knees.

We use live loads and nothing can pull the loaded coal train up the hill
without a lot of help. We shall see,,,, I do have a Jawn Henry in the paint
and electrical shop and it is the only beast that will pull a 25 pound train
up the hill. We hope to have Jawn back with more lead in his belly and
improved drives shortly!!!

Mike Ritschdorff

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>They arrived here in Columbus today. They look great, and the non-sound

>ones run nice and smooth. I didn't get a chance to try one with sound.

>The only potential problem I saw was the fact that the tender is so heavy;

>it probably cuts down train lengths by 5-8 cars.

>Marty Flick


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>>The folks at Tinkertown advised Mon. that the Precision Craft Y6b's were

>>in country and shipping. May be at dealers by week's end. Yippee, I hope



>>Andre Jackson and/or Lisa Burrows

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