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Can't give you anything on the H2's; but I do have a copy of the diagram
issued by the C&O mechanical department, dated 4-9-71, listing the
ex-N&W and ex-Vgn 2 bay cars which were leased by B&O at that time.
Almost 1,700 cars total, but no way to tell how many were ex-N&W. Looks
like the N&W cars were mostly H9's. The note says the cars were leased
from Ortner and from M.D.Friedman 1968-70. I assume those are the
initial dates of the leases. B&O gave them all the same class - H-5.
Jim Nichols

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>> To All,

>> When did N&W lease some of there H2a hoppers to B&O? And upon there

>> return

>> how long did they start to repaint them back into N&W colors?


>> thanks

>> Derek


> Folks,


> I am forwarding the question of a member of the Southeastern Model

> Railroaders Forum. I responded that the N&W did not lease any H2a

> hoppers to the B&O, but possibly did lease H3 hoppers. Unfortunately,

> I don't have any further information on the H3 lease. Dow mentions

> preliminary discussion on a lease of H3 hoppers in the early 1940s,

> but states that it fell through.


> I am sure someone on this list has a more complete answer to Derek's

> question than I gave him. You can answer directly to him, or to this

> list and I will forward the information to him. Please do post the

> answer to this list, though, as I am just as curious as Derek is now.

> Thanks.


> Kert Peterson

> Fircrest, WA


> Modeling the Norfolk and Western Ry in 1951,

> when Precision Transportation was still steam powered!





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