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Released/coming items in 2-rail --- O Scale items only in the last few years or coming 2006/7:
The following items in O Scale, need no or extremely little no modifications.
NOT Lionel or MTH Quality!

Sunset N&W K3
N&W K2a {need more orders}
N&W Y6b- {coming}
Kohs N&W Y6 serveral tender versions
N&W Y6b 4 versions and tender versions
N&W Auxiliary tender
N&W CF caboose {model done in real wood } -coming
Virginian C2 caboose - coming
Virginian AG 2-6-6-6 -coming
N&W Class A all versions - coming
N&W J all versions - coming
Global Virginian EL2B {talking to brass manufacture now}
Yoder N&W H2, H2a, H3 hoppers
N&W H9 {in stock}
N&W HL {coming}
VGN Battleship Gons {2006}
VGN 44 toner ph IV {in stock}
PSC N&W M2 several versions {need more orders}
Atlas O N&W SD40 {in stock}
N&W GP35 script herald
N&W Berwick Box cars
ART- Reefer N&W herald
N&W HL Hoppers
50' DD boxcar 50's logo
Strong rumor Atlas O will be doing the Alco 628 PH 2 Highhood in H&W
N&W/PRR signals coming
Weaver N&W CF, CG, CH,cabooses come in 50's 60's logo
CLW N&W/VGN Trainmasters different phases
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