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Bill -
I'm an 'O' scaler who has used your decals. I've bought 8 sets for
Virginian H-6 hoppers, 4 sets for the battleship gondola, 3 for the
composite hopper. I'll probably be getting more because they are well done

I realize this is just my opinion, but I don't think that 'O' scalers are
any cheaper or have fewer scruples than HO scalers. There are just fewer
'O' scalers, so I suppose you have to price your products accordingly.

Bill, I do hope you'll continue to produce more decals in 'O' scale. I know
I'll be a customer!

Steve Kerr
Canton, Georgia

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> When I produce a decal set in O-scale, six guys buy one set and I'm left

> with a lot of inventory to sell off. Oh, and one guy who has a friend

> with an ALPS printer writes to tell me how much cheaper it was for him to

> get his buddy to run off a similar set.

> .....

>> Bill Mosteller

> Great Decals!

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