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Sat Jan 28 17:08:04 EST 2006

When I produce a decal set in O-scale, six guys buy one set and I'm left with a lot of inventory to sell off. Oh, and one guy who has a friend with an ALPS printer writes to tell me how much cheaper it was for him to get his buddy to run off a similar set.

When I produce a decal set in N-scale, six guys buy six sets and I've got my grubstake back and can afford to do another project.

Because the O-scale set is bigger, it costs me more to print (I pay by area), so I'm much more reluctant to do such projects in the first place. They're frankly more of a gamble for me.

These pressures discourage me from taking on new O-scale projects. I just figure I'll never see my money again.

Bill Mosteller
Great Decals!

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