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There's been a lot of interest in the 4-bay HU/HUa hoppers, which started to
appear about 1922 and ultimately were rebuilt into H3s in the early 40s due
to body corrosion. They were said to be the beginning of modern steel
construction for hoppers on the N&W. Andy Dow calls them "grandfather" to the
production H2s and "great grandfather" to the H10s (I guess he also meant
"father" to the H3s into which they evolved). They were unique to the N&W, as far
as I know, and seemingly ubiquitous in all those company photos...esp the ones
showing mining operations and Y3 class locos. Al Westerfield has promised
them for years, but probably still on the back burner in his shop. Sure would
be nice to have a string behind those Proto 2000 Y3s.

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