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I'll agree with all; it looks good from the pix. Hopefully, it'll run and sound well. Having articulation only on the front engine is too much to ask for, I'm afraid. The Oriental Powerhouse series was likely the only sub-$1,000 engine we'll see with 1 swiveling engine, not 2.

While on the subject, I've been playing with my lone BLI J and I gotta say, it's growing on me, although the sound not quite synching with the driver revolutions is still a bit off to me. The whistle even sounds better once I turned down the volume. Still, not sure it's worth 3 Botchmanns, though.

Andre Jackson and/or Lisa Burrows
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It sure does look good! Hope it sounds as good as it looks!

The prototype on their web site has the upper quadrant of the smokebox unsheathed and finished in graphite. Was this the case on Y6bs? I've been through my references (color and B&W) and can't tell. Anyone care to weigh in on this?

Precision Craft Models now has some pictures up of their upcoming Y6b. Looks pretty good!
Eric Lauterbach


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