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On 12/30/2005, Dave Moorehead wrote:

> I have recently gotten into DCC/sound and am in the process of

>equipping my locos with decoders. My interest in the discussions was

>further peked when I noticed in one reply that some one was going to

>add a sound decoder to their brass J. I have a Spectrum J and would

>like to add a decoder with sound to it. What sound decoders are out

>on the market that would work best for the Spectrum model?


I have used a TCS T2 motor decoder with SoundTraxx DSX sound-only
decoder in one, and a Soundtraxx DSD-150 sound decoder in
another. If I was to do one today, I would use a SoundTraxx Tsunami
Heavy Steam sound decoder (Model TSU-1000, P.N. 826103). The Tsunami
replaced the DSD-150 and is a superior decoder for multiple reasons
(not the least of which is price). I used the SP 4449 for sound
because I thought its whistle sounded the closest to the J of the
decoders on the market.

To me, the BLI whistle sounds like a sick J, but then, since I model
1951, I sure as heck don't remember what the J sounded like in 1951! <VBG>

Kert Peterson
Fircrest, WA

Modeling the Norfolk and Western Ry in 1951, when Precision
Transportation was still steam powered!
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