Spectrum J sound

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Wed Jan 4 14:18:46 EST 2006

The new Soundtraxx "Tsunami" sound unit/decoder would work well. You want
the one that has the whistle from SP Daylight loco in it as the sound is
identical to the J (whistle sound that is). Having said that, I have a
Spectrum J with a Soundtraxx decoder installed. It has a bind in the drive
train, runs cocked at an angle after coming out of a curve, the loco and
tender bind because of their linkage (drawbar) and the tender won't stay on
the tracks. Of course, that may just be my one loco and maybe I could do
some adjustments to get it right. Meanwhile, my BLI J looks and runs great,
the whistle may be just a tad off correct but is good enough for me. As for
appearances, either one looks just fine running by with a train on the
layout. When you get down to rivet counting, the BLI is probably better,
but if you run em by you fast enough, can't tell. Dan

Dan and Nina Mulhearn; Pipestem WV
dannina1 at earthlink.net
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