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Nigel F Misso

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> Tae any one who can help.

> Meself thinks this question hast been answered a wee bit agae, but I canna

> remember wha' I did wi' it. Sae I will ask it again an' hope tha' I dinna

> loose it this tyme.

> Who makes a NW caboose tha' would be in the mid 1940's tae the mid 1950's?

> Wha' ist the color scheme o' it in case tha' meself hast tae get an

> undecorated one?

> My son an'meself are work'en on a layoot tha' will hae the NW, PRR an'

> hopefully the Clinchfield engines ats we are look'en at the Shenadoah

> Valley area. This will alsae carry twa shays (an 80 ton three truck an' a

> 50 ton twa truck) for a wee logg'en area an' saw mill tha' will put oot

> wood for a wood treat'en company.

> Thank ye for the help.

> Mac (RB Macdonald)

> Memphis, TN


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