NW caboose

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Thu Dec 15 11:40:48 EST 2005

Tae any one who can help.
Meself thinks this question hast been answered a wee bit agae, but I canna remember wha' I did wi' it. Sae I will ask it again an' hope tha' I dinna loose it this tyme.
Who makes a NW caboose tha' would be in the mid 1940's tae the mid 1950's? Wha' ist the color scheme o' it in case tha' meself hast tae get an undecorated one?
My son an'meself are work'en on a layoot tha' will hae the NW, PRR an' hopefully the Clinchfield engines ats we are look'en at the Shenadoah Valley area. This will alsae carry twa shays (an 80 ton three truck an' a 50 ton twa truck) for a wee logg'en area an' saw mill tha' will put oot wood for a wood treat'en company.
Thank ye for the help.
Mac (RB Macdonald)
Memphis, TN

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