Interior Colors of N&W Cabooses and Passenger Cars

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Sat Jul 16 21:44:04 EDT 2005

Hello all. I am new to the mailing list in an effort to learn more about a
railroad that I only know so little about, yet was brought to my attention
by an aging pastor in my community who became fascinated by the branch line
up to hagerstown and has so interested me as well.

I model in O-gauge and in attempt to prototypically paint the interiors of
some cars I have, I am inquiring here as some of the information I am
looking for, I haven't seen in the two books I have on the N&W, one being
the N&W handbook, as well as the Color guide to N&W freight and passenger cars.

I am requesting if any of you know of the interior colors of the following:
N&W Madison cars
N&W Madison business car (all decorated for the president of the company
and such)
N&W c-17 steel caboose

Thank you to any who may be able to help.

I look forward to learning more about the N&W through this mailing list.

David Friedlander

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