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I live just outside of Jacksonville.
Feel free to contact me off list if you are ever in the area.
I belong to a round robin group of O scalers.  We have six layouts that 
we work on.
Be happy to show you around.

my email is TLpost at aol.com

Take care,
Tom Lewis

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  Hi Tom

I'm a N&W HiRailer in Virginia but origanially came from Fl - where I go
back from time to time.  Was wondering where in Fl your located and 
you like visitors.  My layout will be about 16 x 40 on one leg and 8 x 
on the branch line side.  Will use conventional as well at TMCC/DCS for
train control.  Have the layout benchwork in place and starting the 
track sections.   Hopefully will get some photos posted one of these 
days -
need to improve my computer skills first.  Just did a Rail Day Show for 
local Masons - had five different layouts.  For being in the country we 
a pretty good turnout.  My O-Gauge modular layout was 12 x 24 with two
levels.  Large enough to run my scale Powhatan Arrow J and cars.  Also
Class A with a coal drag.  Of course all the kids would see the "Thomas 
Tank" first.

Enjoyed your posting - keep layout track!

Ron Timma
Hidden Depot Farm B & B
23745 St. James Rd
Jetersville, VA 23083 (just outside Richmond)


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