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Hi Tom

I'm a N&W HiRailer in Virginia but origanially came from Fl - where I go
back from time to time.  Was wondering where in Fl your located and whether
you like visitors.  My layout will be about 16 x 40 on one leg and 8 x 30
on the branch line side.  Will use conventional as well at TMCC/DCS for
train control.  Have the layout benchwork in place and starting the first
track sections.   Hopefully will get some photos posted one of these days -
need to improve my computer skills first.  Just did a Rail Day Show for the
local Masons - had five different layouts.  For being in the country we had
a pretty good turnout.  My O-Gauge modular layout was 12 x 24 with two
levels.  Large enough to run my scale Powhatan Arrow J and cars.  Also
Class A with a coal drag.  Of course all the kids would see the "Thomas the
Tank" first.  

Enjoyed your posting - keep layout track!

Ron Timma
Hidden Depot Farm B & B
23745 St. James Rd
Jetersville, VA 23083 (just outside Richmond)

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> I am running my O scale layout with Easy DCC and I love it.  My layout is
in a 20 x 20 garage in FL.  (I did put a portable air conditioner in there
to make it somewhat bearable in the summer)  I am modeling the 50's.  I am
a fan of N&W steam but I did buy 2 GP9 models from Red Caboose and put P&D
motor kits in them.
> Ted and the Fox Valley O Scalers are great guys.  I operated with them
when they had the open house the year the O Scale national was in Chicago. 
Ted can also point you in the right direction for having a decoder
installed in the Kohs engine.  (Does yours have the Dallee sound system in
> The total of my motive power consists of:
> A Thomas industries 2-8-0 ( I think I paid 350.00 for it) that resembles
the N&W G class.   It has an open frame motor , a lenz 1835 decoder (32.00)
and a Dallee steam sound system. (about 100.00) Sycronized chuff with
whistle and bell actuated by function outputs from the lenz decoder.
> An MTH Y6b (the original mth 2 rail version about 1100.00)  I took all
the electronics out of it and put a Lenz 1835 decoder in that one too.  No
sound yet.  The 2-8-0 was my first try at sound and I am hooked.  Hope to
put sound in this soon.  Dallee is offering the "Right" sound system for
this engine.
> The 2 Red caboose GP9's which have the repower kit from P&D. (They don't
get much time on he layout)
> And I have a M 4-8-0 being built for me by Ed Reutling to arrive in July.
> My layout is still unfinished but operating.  I have a lower level loop 
with a helix leading to the second level.  On the lower level one wall is a
staging area (three double ended tracks and a stub)  This is also where the
command station for the Easy DCC lives.  On the opposite wall is a single
ended yard with five tracks and a arrive/depart.  We use the main to
runaround.  I have a wye which leads to the entrance of the helix.  The
upper level has two active coal loaders and a 3rd in the works.  At the end
of the line on the upper deck will be A John Allen type switching town. 
(really an excuse for the boxcars I have aquired.)
> I have only just begun operations.  Basically The GP9s bring coal trains
from the staging yard to the mashalling yard, Swaps emptys for loads and
and returns to staging.  The Y6b takes empties to the upper deck and
exchanges for loads.  The G pulls a mixed train.  The G will be  be
replaced by the M when it arrives.  The G will become a switch engine.
> So thats it.  I am sure I have bored you all by now.  So take the good
and forget the rest :)
> Have a good day.
> Tom Lewis in FL.
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