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Hi Michael,
Yes, I have made great progress. I recently completed a bunch of benchwork
and have made it out of the hidden storage yard which was everything you saw
at the convention. I've progressed around the walls and up a level once and
now I am working on the levels that will actually be visible to visitors.
After the convention I was asked to do an article which I'll be putting
together soon but I keep wanting to work on the layout instead. If you'd
like to correspond, you are welcome to e-mail me.

Christopher Smith
create at mrtncom.com

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Christopher Smith wrote:
I am building an 0 scale layout in Silver Spring, MD (DC area).
I have not built structures for the layout yet. Currently benchwork, plywood
and about 200' of track down so far.

Chris,  how much progress have you made since the O National meet in DC last
year?  I got to see your N&W layout and was impressed by the computer cut
subroadbed and how smoothly the equipment ran on the trackwork -  must have
been 50 hoppers that Y-6 backed up over the yard lead.

Michael Ross, TX

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