N&W Alco T-6 Modeling Problem

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Wed Apr 20 13:15:35 EDT 2005


On the t-6 that Mark Trinka made for me (it did win first place in diesel at 
an earlier convention) Mark used an Atlas S-2 drive and cut off the journals 
and glued the roller bearing journals back on.

My father/son team has just finished a wonderfull T-6, they used an ALco 
models t-6 with parts of an Atlas S-4 on a new fabricated frame. The new 
unit runs absolutly great and with the Alco soundtraxx unit it soulnds as 
good as it runs. It still has the friction bearings on it but will soon be 
corrected the way Mark Trinka did. I do believe we used the journal covers 
off of an Atlas RS-3 that hit the floor!!!

they are now working on another basket case brass T-6 for the Pokey.

As for Mark Trinka's unit well,,, the railcommand decoder brunt it up real 
good, but my team is working on getting it back into service.

Mike ritschdorff and crew

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>Subject: N&W Alco T-6 Modeling Problem
>Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 18:19:05 EDT
>I recently obtained a used Alco Models HO version of the N&W  Alco T-6.  It
>suddenly dawned on me, after my eye had passed over it dozens  of times 
>it registering, that they modeled it with friction bearing  journals rather
>than the roller bearings that the prototype had.  My first  reaction was to
>figure out a way to use the Athearn roller bearing version of  the AAR 
>truck side frames, but that models the EMD style, which is, in  its own 
>just as wrong.  I've gone through the Walthers and Bowser  catalogs trying 
>find journal bearing caps that are correct for the N&W  T-6, but so far I'm 
>finding anything.
>Since it's very probable that some other reader of this list has faced and
>overcome this issue, HELP!
>Dave Phelps
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