N&W Alco T-6 Modeling Problem

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Sun Apr 24 15:58:32 EDT 2005

Moving up to a larger scale, Ed Ruetling wrote an article in O Scale News, 
issue # 175, kitbashing a Weaver RS-11 and RS-3 to build a resin body for 
the T-6.  The boxy louvers are wrong on the engineers side but a 
significant part of the work has been done and louvers can be gotten.  My 
question is also about the trucks.  Ed used trucks from an RS-3 but they 
are not correct.  I've looked at the Central Locomotive Works web site but 
nothing matches.  What kind of trucks are the T-6's riding on?  I don't 
know what to ask about.

David Ray

At 05:15 PM 4/20/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>On the t-6 that Mark Trinka made for me (it did win first place in diesel 
>at an earlier convention) Mark used an Atlas S-2 drive and cut off the 
>journals and glued the roller bearing journals back on.
>My father/son team has just finished a wonderfull T-6, they used an ALco 
>models t-6 with parts of an Atlas S-4 on a new fabricated frame. The new 
>unit runs absolutly great and with the Alco soundtraxx unit it soulnds as 
>good as it runs. It still has the friction bearings on it but will soon be 
>corrected the way Mark Trinka did. I do believe we used the journal covers 
>off of an Atlas RS-3 that hit the floor!!!
>they are now working on another basket case brass T-6 for the Pokey.
>As for Mark Trinka's unit well,,, the railcommand decoder brunt it up real 
>good, but my team is working on getting it back into service.
>Mike ritschdorff and crew
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>>Subject: N&W Alco T-6 Modeling Problem
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>>I recently obtained a used Alco Models HO version of the N&W  Alco T-6.  It
>>suddenly dawned on me, after my eye had passed over it dozens  of times 
>>it registering, that they modeled it with friction bearing  journals rather
>>than the roller bearings that the prototype had.  My first  reaction was to
>>figure out a way to use the Athearn roller bearing version of  the AAR 
>>truck side frames, but that models the EMD style, which is, in  its own way,
>>just as wrong.  I've gone through the Walthers and Bowser  catalogs trying to
>>find journal bearing caps that are correct for the N&W  T-6, but so far 
>>I'm not
>>finding anything.
>>Since it's very probable that some other reader of this list has faced and
>>overcome this issue, HELP!
>>Dave Phelps
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