N&W Alco T-6 Modeling Problem

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Tue Apr 19 18:19:05 EDT 2005

I recently obtained a used Alco Models HO version of the N&W  Alco T-6.  It 
suddenly dawned on me, after my eye had passed over it dozens  of times without 
it registering, that they modeled it with friction bearing  journals rather 
than the roller bearings that the prototype had.  My first  reaction was to 
figure out a way to use the Athearn roller bearing version of  the AAR switcher 
truck side frames, but that models the EMD style, which is, in  its own way, 
just as wrong.  I've gone through the Walthers and Bowser  catalogs trying to 
find journal bearing caps that are correct for the N&W  T-6, but so far I'm not 
finding anything.
Since it's very probable that some other reader of this list has faced and  
overcome this issue, HELP!
Dave Phelps
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