Class K 2 and Passenger Trains

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> As far as I know have all K2'been streamlined. When did this 
> streamlining start and when was it finished?

All Class K2 and K2a locomotives were steamlined and modernized 
beginning February 5, 1945 as the locomotives came in for Classified 
repairs and was completed at an overall cost of $1,148,079.07 on 
October 8, 1946.

I will not even go into the color debate!

There were two PG Class coaches, No. 1600 and 1601, Class BP1 46 seat 
combines, Nos. 620-629 were also not air conditioned, BPe combines, 
Nos. 601,603 and 605 all reflect on my list as non air conditioned 
equipment equipped with coal stoves for branch line service. I am sure 
someone else can come up with some additional numbers. Which, of 
course, depends, on the era.

Ken Miller

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