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I have a Bachmann Spectrum Heavy Mountain and a LifeLike Y3 Tender and I want to model a N&W Class K2. There is a very helpful article in one issue of The Arrow and meanwhile I've got all detail parts which have been mentioned there. I now have some questions:

The tender is slightly wider than the loco (2 - 3 Millimeters) - is one of these models (or both) out of scale?

As far as I know have all K2'been streamlined. When did this streamlining start and when was it finished? Is there an article about the prototype in a certain issue of The Arrow? I've found only few pictures the internet - maily Va. Tech Library!

I'm quite sure, that a proper passenger train for this loco will have the appearance of the 1940's which means brown roofs and green boogies. which are "propper" or at least near colors for this purpose? (probably I start a new color debate - sorry!).

I've got some Branchline Trains Coaches, which are very nice but are not particulary the PG type! To get a good compromise I made the toilet windows smaller, did some work on the celestories and changed the windows in the doors. I've read, that most if not all PG's were air conditioned, but recently realised in one of the Pocahontas Glory videos a PG (?) behind a Class M on the Abingdon Branch with some windows opened and a row of vents on the celestory! This means not airconditioned!? Can anybody help? 

Where can I find informations about the underbody of the PG coaches?

I know this is a lot of questions but informations about the N&W are difficult to obtain in Germany. Thank you very much in advance for your help!

Michael Fuchs


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