Class K 2 and Passenger Trains

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>> As far as I know have all K2'been streamlined. When did this
>> streamlining start and when was it finished?
> All Class K2 and K2a locomotives were steamlined and modernized
> beginning February 5, 1945 as the locomotives came in for Classified
> repairs and was completed at an overall cost of $1,148,079.07 on
> October 8, 1946.
> I will not even go into the color debate!
> There were two PG Class coaches, No. 1600 and 1601, Class BP1 46 seat
> combines, Nos. 620-629 were also not air conditioned, BPe combines,
> Nos. 601,603 and 605 all reflect on my list as non air conditioned
> equipment equipped with coal stoves for branch line service. I am sure
> someone else can come up with some additional numbers. Which, of
> course, depends, on the era.
> Ken Miller
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The roofs would be "soot grey" in the mid 40's, with just a hint of brown.

The trucks would be a dark green or greasy dark grey as well.

Mark Lindsey
(stuck in the 1930's)

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