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  Forget the retro Kit idea, just go directly to Toni at  BLI for the later version of the A.
  BLI is doing a couple of versions of the J.   Or you could just contact the society
  persons in charge of modeling to get this project done.  Or one could just contact the 
  peson getting these projects done for our society,  which we owe so much to!
  Stephen  Rineair

        For the retro fit kit (BLI A to last 5 type) idea there where 3 other interested people other than me:
        Nigel Misso
        Rick Morrison
        Mike Rector
        I am sure alot of other people would come out of the woodwork if this kit got produced. What would be the next step in trying to get this made? What could the club do? Anybody like to make any comments? I don't have freinds / contacts at any of these companies, I a sure someone out there does?

        Thanks for any help, comments, or suggestions.
        John Rhodes

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        I don't think BLI is going to make a model of the last 5 A's so what if the 
        club got BLI or even Bowser to make a retr ofit kit to turn your BLI A in to 
        one of the last series?

        The kit would need:
        How-to instructions
        New rods and valve gear (to simulate timken roller bearing type
        Black background decals for the new numbers.
        Any new apliances?
        what else would be needed?

        Would anybody be interested? or does this not sound like something people 
        would be interested in.

        John Rhodes

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