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Wed Jan 5 11:01:45 EST 2005

Greetings folks, 
I recently purchased Bachman's 4-8-2. Now, after breaking it in and
putting a "correct" headlight on it, I'm ready to go for a correct
Tender. Just one problem.... Where do I start? I've tried Life-Like to
just get the frame and body from the old Y3 release... no good (go
figure, it was worth a try though!). I also have a picture of a K with
an ex Pierre Marquette tender. It just so happens that I have and old
Rivarrossi Berkshire tender that would only need a little work to look
right. If I go that route, anyone know what tender trucks would be
correct? Anyone have any other ideas?
BTW, don't try ordering Bachman's auxiliary water tender trucks...
they're out of stock for a "few months". Who else makes these trucks? My
old brass K3 could use a new set also!!!
Scott E. Golenski
4401 Rockside Square, Ste. 201
Independence, OH 44131
(216) 834-0232  ext. 1032
(216) 834-0236 FAX
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