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So that  everyone understands my last post. It was ment for the moderator
only. We  have been having a discusion on how some people can post things
about what  they are selling and how others can't. The moderator wouldn't
post anything  I sent about me having some brass cabs for sale. Not even an
if interested  contact me off list email. But then again I see the same
person posting his  items for sale in a round about way.
So when I brought this again to the  moderator's attention and how I feel
about how this list is going. He  decides to post it? Anyway I will be
surprised if this gets posted to the  list. I will stay on for awhile to see
if this gets through or not. But  will drop from the list soon.  I have been
a member of the Historical  society for a long time and tried to support it
as I can. But feel that  this too may come to an end. But first I want to
thank everyone who shared  his knowledge of the N&W with the group.
Fred Mullins
modeling the  Atlantic & Danville
remember "For Service See......the  A&D!"

Fred and all,
Probably the best thing to happen now would be for the list moderator to  
publish all the rules of the list. Then they can be adhered to by everyone. On  
the other hand just because you may not get along with one person is this 
reason  enough to leave the Society? Each time a member leaves the Society as a 
whole  loses! Email can be a very good thing and it can do a lot of damage! When 
I  teach someone new to the web to write emails I sum it up this way very  
succinctly. There are 50 ways to say FU but remember 49 or them require the  
receiver to hear the tone of your voice! Emails do not have an audible tone so  
you must take the time to write it! Many times however it just does not work out 
 that way!
    I myself have received tons of help on this list!  Without each and every 
person my railroad would not be under construction now if  ever!
May we all take a minute of silence now and remember the thousands who will  
never know the joy of our hobby do to last weeks tragedy! Good night and God  
Bless us all!
Ray Russell
"Norfolk & Western Railroad"   "Pocahontas Division"  "Circa 1958"
Visit The "NEW" Pocahontas  Website at: 
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