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To all:
This is a question for  those who model N&W structures.  What N&W structure 
is needed in  HO, possibly
in O scale that would  follow a laser cut format that N&W modelers would like 
to see  produce?  I am seriously
looking for  something of wide use.  It could also be a Virginian  structure 
also.  Preferably one in the fifties of  later.

Stephen  Rineair
5565 Wasigo  Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45230
_crineair at fuse.net_ (mailto:crineair at 
fax:  (413)793-9933

Hi Stephen,
On the top of my list would be Coal Mines! Large, small I need them all!  LOL
Next would be mine towns and company houses.
Then any of the buildings in Williamson's yard especially the  lubritoriums!
Please let me know what you decide on.
Ray Russell
"Norfolk & Western Railroad"   "Pocahontas Division"  "Circa 1958"
Visit The "NEW" Pocahontas  Website at: 
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