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  In response to you comment on the open forum I would like a chance to respond.  Here are just a few things that I  have volunteered for the Society.
    1)   I have  been secretary and treasure at the same time.
    2)  I have helped Bob Bowers load and unload his van at the shows and cleaned up.  
    3)  I have watched the sales table or staffed the registration table when  someone didn't show.
    4)  I have missed tours because I had show responsibilities.
    5)  I have run a convention in Cincinnati and helped others out of town. 
    6)  I have donated a brass piece to the brass raffle and started the first brass raffle  at the first convention.
    7)  I have sold the raffle tickets most of the years of the conventions.
    8)  I have given up my  tour tickets to a new  member so that he or she could go on the tour so that they wouldn't miss out?  
     9)   I have been in the board of directors   
    10)   Sold Life Like GP9s with Dean Freytag, which we donated over a $1000 to the society. 
    11)   Had an article in the ARROW!  
    12) Was the wining bidder for the watercolor painting raffled by the society to raise money.  
    13)  Sold LifeLike N&W cabooses and donated over $800 
    Yet, I have never gotten a award, like all the others have who have done much less.  
   Crying! NO!
  I know what I and my wife have given to the society and I have a job.   I  will continue to give.  You should never judge someone, and you should know that more.  By the way, my wife and I have only missed 2 conventions, 
  and that's because I was in the hospital both times. My membership number is 72.  
   Stephen Rineair

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    Stephen:  If it is so easy, why don't you get the decals made? I am sure
    someone of the archive volunteers would make the drawings available to
    you if you would agree to do the rest. As for "Hire someone," are you
    willing to put up the money? To paraphrase JFK, "Ask not what your
    society can do for you. Ask what you can do for your society." I will
    take your request more seriously when I see you doing more volunteer
    work for the society.    Jim Nichols

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