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> ET. al
> What's wrong with our Society that it can not produce decals and such through
> the society's
> store.  If we have such a good archives, why is not the society meeting it's
> member's needs?  Is our Society so cheap that we can not make these decals?!
> It's an awful shame that we as members have no idea of what is already logged
> and available to it's
> members.  Most of us get better help from other members.  If our archives
> needs to expand because
> we are running out of room.  I suggest we make available more than just sketch
> drawings without 
> letter diagrams than the spiral booklets that are of little use. The track
> standards booklet had great
> info by the way.  Selling the archive info would draw more money and make the
> Society more
> beneficial.   The biggest and most often comment that I hear -- What  good is
> the archive if you don't
> know what's in it and can not access it.   Yes, I know it would need to be
> staffed,  Maybe it's
> about time we do.  The C&OF sales has over 1 million a year in sales.  I
> believe our society could
> grow that big very quickly,
> Just one man's opinion and a lot of others,
> Stephen Rineair
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>> Paul
>> Maybe we can conspire on a set of N&W Smaller  steam decals.  What do you
>> need 
>> from me to get things  started?
>> I'll see if I can find out what smaller steam engines have  already been
>> produced 
>> that need these decals.
>> Stoney
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Several years ago, a ³very Senior² member stated that there wasn¹t enough
call for the small bronze gold lettering used before 1941 to make it
profitable.  I was pretty disappointed that the member would say that since
I for one model the ³formative years of the N&W² from 1930-1938.  I have NO
streamlined engines, but I have G-1¹s M2c¹s and K2 and K2a¹s many Y3¹s and a
pair of Y5¹s made from rivorossi Y6b¹s but with tenders made from the old
horrid Bachman aux tenders and coal sides from castings stolen from the
Powerhouse Y3 tenders.  Thanks to Greenway Products, I was able to get some
Pilcher trucks for various applications too.  I¹ve had to seal with 1930¹s
era hopper decals too.  Thanks to westerfields HP¹s and HR I have the ³look²
of the older N&W.  Too many of us model the 1940¹s-1950¹s transition era but
the real history is from 1918-1940.  Perhaps if MORE OF US really modeled
the older times we might just get those decals???  I sure wish some model
company would make M¹s too!  Isn¹t it fully that the fewer of an engine N&W
had, the MORE it would be modeled?  After all they had 16 ³J² class, and 30
Y6b¹s. But about 190 Z class, and 250+ M class engines, and of course 78 Y3
and Y3a¹s.  

Mark Lindsey
Stuck in the 1930¹s
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