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Re: Steam decalsAt the risk of sounding impertinent here, I'd note that the N&WHS does a heckuva job, given that it's a group of volunteers. I know I wish the society would go into the business of manufacturing HO Y6a's but for economic and a lot of other reasons it ain't gonna happen. As in any volunteer group, many are called, but few actually show up to do the work -- for whatever reason. As for me, I'm just glad the Archives exists, and that a lot of priceless items didn't end up as landfill. I'd rather they work on getting a dry roof for the stuff, and catalog it later. I was impressed when I visited during the convention last summer with how nice the place looked and how well-organized it was.
As for meeting the members needs, IMHO there ain't no us and them, there's only us. Again, it's all volunteers. I'm sure anybody willing to step forward with a plan, and preferably some seed cash, would find willing cooperation to start the process of getting decals made. The N&WHS, while imperfect like any other group, is a value-adding bunch of folks, in my book, and nice guys to boot.
My $.02.
Thanks for reading.
Andre Jackson and/or Lisa Burrows
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    ET. al
    What's wrong with our Society that it can not produce decals and such through the society's
    store.  If we have such a good archives, why is not the society meeting it's member's needs?  Is our Society so cheap that we can not make these decals?!  
    It's an awful shame that we as members have no idea of what is already logged and available to it's 
    members.  Most of us get better help from other members.  If our archives needs to expand because 
    we are running out of room.  I suggest we make available more than just sketch drawings without 
    letter diagrams than the spiral booklets that are of little use. The track standards booklet had great 
    info by the way.  Selling the archive info would draw more money and make the Society more
    beneficial.   The biggest and most often comment that I hear -- What  good is the archive if you don't
    know what's in it and can not access it.   Yes, I know it would need to be staffed,  Maybe it's 
    about time we do.  The C&OF sales has over 1 million a year in sales.  I believe our society could 
    grow that big very quickly,  

    Just one man's opinion and a lot of others,
    Stephen Rineair
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      Maybe we can conspire on a set of N&W Smaller  steam decals.  What do you need 
      from me to get things  started?

      I'll see if I can find out what smaller steam engines have  already been produced 
      that need these decals.


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      > We'd like to but you see what information we need. Be glad to  do them 
      > for you!!
      > Paul Locher, MMR
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  Several years ago, a "very Senior" member stated that there wasn't enough call for the small bronze gold lettering used before 1941 to make it profitable.  I was pretty disappointed that the member would say that since I for one model the "formative years of the N&W" from 1930-1938.  I have NO streamlined engines, but I have G-1's M2c's and K2 and K2a's many Y3's and a pair of Y5's made from rivorossi Y6b's but with tenders made from the old horrid Bachman aux tenders and coal sides from castings stolen from the Powerhouse Y3 tenders.  Thanks to Greenway Products, I was able to get some Pilcher trucks for various applications too.  I've had to seal with 1930's era hopper decals too.  Thanks to westerfields HP's and HR I have the "look" of the older N&W.  Too many of us model the 1940's-1950's transition era but the real history is from 1918-1940.  Perhaps if MORE OF US really modeled the older times we might just get those decals???  I sure wish some model company would make M's too!  Isn't it fully that the fewer of an engine N&W had, the MORE it would be modeled?  After all they had 16 "J" class, and 30 Y6b's. But about 190 Z class, and 250+ M class engines, and of course 78 Y3 and Y3a's.  

  Mark Lindsey
  Stuck in the 1930's 


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