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What's wrong with our Society that it can not produce decals and such through the society's
store.  If we have such a good archives, why is not the society meeting it's member's needs?  Is our Society so cheap that we can not make these decals?!  
It's an awful shame that we as members have no idea of what is already logged and available to it's 
members.  Most of us get better help from other members.  If our archives needs to expand because 
we are running out of room.  I suggest we make available more than just sketch drawings without 
letter diagrams than the spiral booklets that are of little use. The track standards booklet had great 
info by the way.  Selling the archive info would draw more money and make the Society more
beneficial.   The biggest and most often comment that I hear -- What  good is the archive if you don't
know what's in it and can not access it.   Yes, I know it would need to be staffed,  Maybe it's 
about time we do.  The C&OF sales has over 1 million a year in sales.  I believe our society could 
grow that big very quickly,  

Just one man's opinion and a lot of others,
Stephen Rineair
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  Maybe we can conspire on a set of N&W Smaller steam decals.  What do you need 
  from me to get things started?

  I'll see if I can find out what smaller steam engines have already been produced 
  that need these decals.


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