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Tue Nov 30 09:46:41 EST 2004

Many fantasticlly talented  painters do generic work.  I just saw this item 
on ebay again and thought of both the paint and decal questions on the list 
now.  If you find a painter make sure you and he both know the paint scheme 
you want.

This appears to be a very nice paint job.  It is wrong .  The decals are 
applied wrong and the graphite paint application is wrong for the number 
they used.   The painter did not know the N&W.  A potentially $1,000.00 
locomotive with a $200.00 paint job needs another $200.00 paint job. The 
trains and stuff consigner who is selling this has no clue as to why it has 
not sold even though it has been relisted several times.

Bob Riffe leconte at

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