Powhatan Arrow

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I am no expert on N&W passenger consists but this is what I have found:
According to the "Norfolk&Western Handbook" (Wallace & Wiley) an TLC's 
"Norfolk & Western Passenger Service 1946-1971", the following applies to
the "Powhatan Arrow:" 
The "Arrow", which began service in 1946, initially was made up of  all
Pullman built, Class PM  85' light weight, smooth side streamline
coaches, diner & round tail observation cars.  Branchline, so far, has
only offered heavy weight cars.  Later, in the declining years, after
1956, heavy weight head end cars started showing up on the "Arrow".
N&W had several heavy weight pullman cars.  12/1 sleepers, such as the
"Lowry" and the "Chilhowie" were most likely used on "secondary" trains
after WW2.  Prior to the war, trains like the  "Pocahontas" and the
"Cavalier"  were obviously all "heavy weights.". 
In my experience, having attempted to build one, the Branchline series
are in the category of "craftsman" kits and can be tricky to assemble.
Evcen after substituting  some old Central Valley 6 wheel trucks for the
kit trucks, I was not satisfied.   The new Walthers "heavyweight"
Pullmans are real " beauties" and sell for a few dollars more than
Branchline.   I find the light increase in price well worth it!  They are
assembled, highly detailed and have full interiors, with easy retrofits
for interior lighting. They are available in N&W lettering and have a set
of decals for individual Pullman/sleeper names, as appropriate, for the
various rail roads.


Bob Laine, Manassas, VA
Lainerl at juno.com,

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