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I have a brass (N&W) locomotive that I would like  to have custom painted.
Since I have a large investment in this model, I'd  like to ask your advice
as to how I should handle the transaction. I guess  my first problem is that
I do not personally know any custom painters and  therefore I don't know who
I can trust.

Any problems you had that I  can learn from?
Any suggestions are welcome, maybe even  recommendations.

Dave Willis
N&W Steam Era 1940 ->  1950's. 

I use a fellow down in Maryland. I am in New Jersey. A friend  of mine who 
live in Pennsylvania handle the movement of the engine and money  back and forth 
because he operates near him about twice a month. I don't have  his card 
handy but if you email _vpistilli at comcast.net_ (mailto:vpistilli at  My 
friend Val  can introduce you. I do a lot of brass refurbishing, remotering 
and DCC  conversions. I however know my limitations! LOL I sent a Pennsy engine 
to him  for a Doctor I do work for and Doc was very happy! He is not cheap but 
you do  get what you pay for! He installed engineer and fireman. added wind 
laces and  many other subtle additions plus painted and weathered it. All of my 
N&W  stuff will be going to him after I get done with the expense of the 
current  layout construction I am doing!
Ray Russell
"Norfolk & Western Railroad"   "Pocahontas Division"  "Circa 1958"
Visit The "NEW" Pocahontas  Website at: 
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